Mother Simulator

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, and not everyone can succeed in this. If you are ready to face all the problems, you can try new game where you can become a wonderful mom, and you have to try hard to complete this mission. The game is full of nice humor, which is somehow black, but you need to know that before starting the game. If you are not ok with this, you should know about all difficulties, which will be waiting for you. The baby, of whom you have to take care, is new-born, and you need to imagine yourself on this mother’s place. How would you feel? Would you be optimistic, or this kid would be getting on your nerves? Everything depends on you, so be patient and plunge into the wonderful universe of parent care!

Your baby has just born, but it makes big problems for you. Will you be ready to cope with all of them? The game will show how persistent and enduring you are, and you have to take care about your every step. Though the mother, who is your character, obviously happy to have the child, he makes a lot of problems to her, starting with the noise. Yes, the child will be crying bitterly, and this would be getting on your nerves. You have to act quickly in order to keep your baby happy. Or at least try to do this, because he will drive you crazy anyway. Now your life turns into painful efforts to please this little nasty beast. But he’s not doing it on purpose, because he’s too little to realize that he’s doing something wrong.

The key to your success is love to this child, because love is the main thing that will save the world. or at least your family and mental health. You need to try hard to make the life of your kid comfortable, and the only thing that you can get back is his smile. But be sure that you will try hard to complete this mission. Are you ready to suffer a bit to make cartoon kid pleased? Despite of loud sounds, the game is full of nice humor, and you will definitely like the style. If you will be feeling angry or anxious, don’t be upset – it is quite ok, if you play the game for the first time. Later you will see that everything in this life is relevant, and this nasty child – too. All you need to know is that there is time for every action, and don’t you confuse them!

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