Mother Simulator Android

Will you make a good mother? There is only one way to find out – that is, to become one! Mother Simulator will put you in charge of a cute little baby. He has nothing to take care of him except you. It will be your job to feed him when he’s hungry, put him to bed when he’s sleepy, change his diapers, play with him and surround him with love and care. The game is arranged as a series of missions that become ever more complex and challenging. At first, it will be usual mother’s stuff – warming up milk, feeding the baby, changing diapers, washing him and putting him to sleep. But things will grow much more complicated with time.

Prepare for some sheer craziness. How hard do you think it is to keep the baby’s milk warm on a huge chunk of ice? How dangerous is it to set off into a house shaken by an earthquake in search of a pacifier? You are about to find out! These missions will require ability to take decisions fast and act bravely in difficult situations. Remember: the baby counts on you! He has nobody else to look after him and you have no other choice but to save him from every trouble the game has in store for you. But that’s part of learning how to be a mother!

To make things even tougher, you also have to spend some time on your own, eating, taking bath and coffee breaks. If you’ll fall without conscience in the middle of the mission because you’re hungry or sleepy, that won’t do the baby any good. You’ll only have to restart the task. But don’t worry, you can take as many shots as you need. After all, young mothers can’t avoid some mistakes. Luckily, with Mother Simulator, you can avoid them later, when you have a baby of your own – not a virtual one this time. Enjoy the gameplay and see if you can make a little man’s life safe and happy!

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