Mother Simulator Baby

Those wishing to try how it is to be a mother should definitely play Mother Simulator! This game will give you an idea of troubles and challenges every young mother faces when she has her first baby. Many of us don’t even realize what waits for a mom in the first few months while the child needs her attention day and night. Being there for your little one every minute, keeping the bottle warm to feed him if he wakes up feeling hungry, changing diapers at the first sounds of cry, entertaining him with games and soothing him when he can’t fall asleep – all that takes time to learn and patience to do on a daily basis. Of course, time runs quicker in the game, hours take minutes and days take hours, but you will still understand how hard it is to be a mother – and how wonderful. Because nothing can compare to the healthy and happy look of your baby. Learn on the go, perform missions of various difficulty, gain points for successful accomplishment of tasks and keep your little one safe and sound!

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