Mother Simulator Demo

Do you like realistic simulators? If the answer is “yes”, then you definitely have to try new game, which is called Mother’s simulator. If you have never been a real mother, because you are too young, you can still feel all peculiarities of this important and difficult mission. There are no weekends in this extremely important profession, and mother’s whole life is a range of working days. How do you think, is it easy to live under such circumstances? Well, this is so accurate, and you will know this as soon as you see this nasty kid that drives you crazy. Well, that’s not his problem, because he’s not doing it on purpose, but still, this doesn’t make the life easier.

This is a first-person game, where you won’t see the character’s face. Well, maybe, this is for better? If you see the mother’s face, you may be scared, because it seems that she never sleeps. At least her little child doesn’t leave her a single chance to have a rest. There is always something happens to the child, and mother has to take care about everything, including feeding, washing, caring and doing many other things, which baby needs. Si, it is no wonder that mom can go crazy. Your task is to take everything under control, because you are the one, who can help this mother overcome all difficulties and become the best mom in the world.

You need to be patient and, maybe, make the sound a bit lower, because the kid may be crying awfully. You need to react really quickly, because your kid won’t let you make a mistake. You have to love your kid, no matter how bitterly he is crying. And if you complete this mission, you will be able to receive the main prize – smile of your naughty child, who definitely loves his mother. The kid isn’t a monster, because he is not doing everything to make you angry. This is only the way that he can act and you are the only medium, which connects him with the entire world. So, be a caring mother and get all the monsters. Which are bothering the little kid, away.

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