Mother Simulator PC

Every mother loves her baby and is ready to be with him even in the most unimaginable situations. Are you ready to take care of a child and fulfill your maternal duties even in the conditions of a new ice age or during an earthquake? Do you rush into smoking ruins to find the nipple your baby needs? And are you ready to fight for him with aliens who do not know why they are circling around him at ease? All this awaits you in Mother Simulator!

Of course, everything will start very prosaically. In order not to scare you away at once, the tasks will be easy: bring a bottle, put the baby in the crib, sing a lullaby to him. At the same time, you need to have time to do your own business, because mother also needs to have a snack to support the forces, and it would also be advisable to drink a couple of cups of coffee so as not to fall asleep. But consider that not much time is allotted for this. If you stay a little longer, the mission will fail. You will have to start all over again, so it is in your best interest to do everything as quickly as possible.

This game is not only an excellent simulator for future mothers, but also good fun for those who want to spend their free time not only with interest, but also with benefit. You will not notice how you get attached to your virtual baby. After all, he is so charmingly smiling when you take him on handles or stretch him a toy! Of course, children have their whims and sometimes they cause a lot of trouble, but it’s so nice and fun to spend time with them! You will have the opportunity to once again verify this by playing Mother Simulator on our website! Join this amazing game right now and plunge into the adventures of a young mom willing to take up all the challenges!

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