Mother Simulator 3

Today there are plenty of various simulators in the online gaming market. Mother Simulator is yet another of them. This time you are going to try your hand at being a mother of a newly born baby. You are going to spend plenty of your nerve cells to pass this trial, because everything here is based on realistic physics. Every minute you can drop or break anything, be it a bottle you just warmed to feed your little one or the little one himself. So be extra careful, things may go out of hand any minute.

At first, the missions will seem easy and typical. You’ll be tasked to bring a bottle or to grab a pacifier. But the further the more absurd the situations will become. You are going to feed the baby gliding over the ice that covered the whole house or look for the pacifier after the earthquake (and you are sure to find it in the least expected place). Finally, you will have to fend off a UFO from the baby like it was a nagging fly. It’s a good thing that with the appearance of every new item or option you’ll also gain access to learning boards that will help you cope with the difficulties.

The mother, too, has her own needs – she has to eat, visit the bathroom and drink coffee not to fall asleep. These actions should be performed in a limited amount of time or you’ll have to start all over. This is much like having a real baby when you don’t have even a spare minute to attend to your own desires. Inconveniences will be mounting, so stock up on patience to survive through that!

The visuals in the game is cute and somewhat similar to a cartoon. The face of the newly born is especially nice in moments when you give him a toy or take him in your hands. His smile is full of positive and charm! The music is also very well-chosen, during the missions it helps you to get in the right mood and start working to do all chores in time. You can also set some tracks to play for several times.

Mother Simulator is a full-fledged imitation of motherhood that will make you an expert in taking care of babies. Will you be able to perform all the missions and see your little one grow up? Let’s find out!

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