Mother Simulator Cheats

Mother Simulator is a game that everyone who plans to become a mother in the near future must play. It will tell you in detail about all the difficulties and peculiarities of caring for the baby, not only in everyday situations, but also in critical situations. You will learn how it is – do not sleep at night, jumping up at the first sound of crying, run to warm the bottle and change the diaper several times a night. The job is not easy, but it will pay off when you see a smile on your baby’s face. After all, the more carefully you take care of him, the better his mood will be. He will cry less and laugh more. And if you take the time to play with him or just hold him in your arms, the baby will just bloom. In this case, of course, we should not forget about ourselves – without timely snacks and a cup of coffee, drunk during the night duty at the crib, the young mother will simply not be able to perform her duties. However, be sure to keep an eye on the timer – for your own needs you are given a minimum of time, if you do not keep within it, the task will have to be performed first. The difficulty of the missions will grow every minute, so get ready – it just will not be! But after you complete this game, caring for a real child will not be difficult for you!

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