Mother Simulator Full Version

From their early years, girls get ready to become mothers one day. They play with dolls putting them to bed, dressing them up and taking care of them just like their own moms did. And that’s quite natural, since maternal instinct lives inside every girl, no matter how little she is. For young ladies hoping to learn how it is to look after a real baby, not a plastic one, we offer an amazing game called Mother Simulator that challenges players to nurse a newborn child whose needs are much like those of every small kid.

How hard can it be, you may think. After all, the baby is just a program. Well, try to listen to him crying for several minutes in a row when he’s hungry or sleepy – you probably won’t be able to resist the urge to calm him down with a bottle of warm milk or quiet lullaby. The baby in the game behaves very plausibly. He needs to be fed, washed, put to sleep, played with and hugged very often, so don’t get too far from the screen. You may be needed any minute.

Those carefully performing their mother’s tasks will be rewarded with points. You can also gain them for completing various missions. Every time there will be new tasks to accomplish and they will grow ever more complicated. You are going to need a lot of patience and diligence to cope with every issue at hand. Well, what were you expecting? Mothers have to be capable of doing several jobs at once. And this game is meant just for you to learn that! Try what you can in Mother Simulator in Full Version!

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